European style luxury simple low-key gorgeous copper chandelier

26/08/2020 gbuilder

Snow wrapped, luxurious and restrained


Cold color, as the name implies, gives people a very cold feeling of color, with a

fresh, clear sensory experience. It's the opposite of a warm tone. The use of cold

colors in home decoration is often seen, with light blue and white combination of

decoration, can let us experience the beauty of nature. The combination of white

and gray decoration style is also very popular in the cold color decoration,

which makes people feel calm, restrained and quiet. The use of different

concentrations of gray effectively breaks the cold and hard between white and gray.    


The single color collocation interior decoration color collocation is best to use

the same basic color under the different chroma and the shade color carries on

the collocation, can create the peaceful, harmonious atmosphere. This kind of

collocation is often used in bedrooms, such as using the lightest shade on walls

and floors, using the same color but darker degree for bedding, curtains and

chairs, and the deepest chroma for small items such as cups and vases. At the

same time, select a contrast element to increase visual interest.

Similar colors are similar colors. They will not conflict with each other.

Therefore, the principle of color matching in interior decoration is to combine

them in the room to create a more harmonious and peaceful atmosphere.

These colors apply to the living room, study or bedroom. For color balance,

different colors with the same saturation should be used. 


The use of black and white gray, black, white and gray collocation is often

outstanding.Neutral colors such as brown and gray are very popular colors

in decoration in recentyears. These colors are very soft and will not give

people too strong visual stimulation.They are the color masters of creating

simple and elegant space. But in order to avoidtoo rigid, cold, should increase

wood color and other natural elements to soften, orchoose red contrast

strong warm color, weaken the original effect.


Silver belongs to the bright light color system, has the reflective visual effect,

reflects the luxurious side, is a kind of approximate gray color, is the calm color. 

Noble, pure and eternal


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