Decoration Process-Interior Space Decoration Process

05/09/2020 gbuilder

17 steps for the whole decoration

1 . Pre-design

Before the customer do the house design , it is better that he knows the situation of his house , like the

house still on constructing , or on foundation engineering step .We choose the material according to the

constructing situation of the house.


And there is one more important thing , the customer need to measure his house everywhere.

2 . Main structure of the house demolition

Mainly according to the design to do the corresponding demolition of the wall , build the wall , shovel the wall

, etc.. Determine the spatial pattern , in order to do modeling according to the design in the future.

3 . Hydro-power transformation

After the demolition and reconstruction , hydro-power transformation will be carried out . According to the

customers demand and design , determine the direction of water and electricity , open the chanel in the corresponding position ,

and bury the water pipe and electric wire .

The position and height of the switch socket must be clearly explained during constructing . And if you buy

furniture in advance , you need to report the size to the person in charge of decoration in advance.Remember

to take pictures when you finish the hydro-power . Otherwise , when installing water heater or kitchen cabinet ,

it is easily hit wires or pipes when drilling holes.

4 . Waterproof engineering

After the completion of hydro-power , the implementation of waterproof engineering can be started.

Before waterproofing , the waterproof area should be cleaned and the waterproof coating should be applied .

When the waterproof layer is completely dry , it is necessary to conduct a closed water test for at least 24

hours , check and accept with the customer to ensure that the waterproof layer does not leak.

5 . Carpentry

Carpentry can enter the site.In fact, carpentry work such as wrapping riser,making decorative ceiling,wall

modeling , plastering line and so on can also be considered as a detailed link of the main body demolition

and transformation.

6 . Bricklayer : tiling

If the site allows , when the carpenter is almost finished , the bricklayer can be allowed to enter the site

for tiling . Do carpentry first , can avoid heavy ground tile grinding . It is necessary to do a good job of

ground protection . Do the brickwork first , so that the carpenter can calculate the size of the furniture on

site In case too many gaps appears .


In the process of tile work , it also involves the installation of the following two steps :

A Installation of door stone and marble window sill . The installation of the door stone can be completed

together with the floor tiles , or after the floor tiles are paved . The marble window sill is generally

installed after the window cover is finished , and the marble installation workers will prepare glass glue ,

and then the marble and window cover can be sealed with glass glue

B . Installation of floor drain . The floor drain is the first one in the home decoration hardware . because

it needs to be installed together with the floor tiles . Therefore , when you start shopping for building

materials , you should buy a floor drain early.

7 . Paint the wall

Painters enter the site , mainly to complete the wall base treatment , finish painting , furniture painting

and so on . If you want to paste wallpaper , you just need to let the painter do basic treatment on the wall

where you plan to paste wallpaper .

8 . Installation of ceiling , water heater and kitchen cabinet

The water heater should be installed first , then the ceiling , and finally the cabinet and sink .

9 . Door and wooden floor installation

10 . Wallpaper placement

After the installation of the wooden floor , clean up the home , you can paste wallpaper .

11 . Installation of switch , socket and lighting

The socket at home can be arranged according to the usability . Now more and more electrical appliances are

used . The socket and switch in the toilet should be waterproof to avoid safety problems

12 . Installation of hardware and sanitary ware

Water pipe fittings , bathroom pendant , toilet , clothes rack , etc , can be installed

13 . Curtain rod installation

Curtain rod can be arranged to install first , but do not install curtain

14 . Cleaning

15 . Furniture

As for the time of furniture purchase , it is suggested that the earliest time should be after the completion

of water circuit transformation . In this way , we can roughly know the basic size range of furniture . But

you can set the general style of furniture first

16 . Home appliances.

17 . Home accessories

Home accessories , the last step of home decoration , including the installation of curtains,which belongs to

the link of home accessories.

As for buying curtains , it is better after ordering furniture , in order to avoid style conflict .