Layout sharing: a kitchen for three meals a day

07/09/2020 gbuilder

1. The happiest place in a family is the kitchen


As an important place in charge of a family’s diet, most people have a deep obsession with it, especially in the current wave of advocating sharing lifestyles, cooking for a few hours, taking photos for half an hour, and eating only a few minutes, if The kitchen is not well designed, and the cook is not only tired, but also wasting time.

Throughout the year, three meals a day, from preparation to closing, all rely on the small world of the kitchen. Some people say that the kitchen is the heart of the home, from where it exudes the taste of love. Whether the kitchen design is charming enough to attract the cooks to love the kitchen is very important. Since it is so important, how can the kitchen be practical and beautiful?



2. Current problems in the kitchen are found


01.Kitchen function

An ordinary housewife spends nearly 3.5 hours in the kitchen every day, making meals for a long time and needs to adjust her mood.




03. There is little interaction between the kitchen and other spaces, relatively closed


During the epidemic, the children were at home for a long time, and the parents who were locked in the kitchen to make food had no time to take care of the children, and there was too little communication with their parents and lovers.




04. Incomplete cleaning and sterilization


Disinfection is particularly important for the current epidemic, and diet is closely related to our health.


05. Storage problem


There are many kinds of kitchen utensils, such as pans, frying pans, pressure cookers, steamers, casseroles... Machines include soymilk, juicers, coffee machines, not to mention everyday kitchen utensils, including sinks, chopping boards, knives... Many people can't put it in the kitchen, and cannot find it when they want to use it.



3. Make a good space plan for the kitchen


The basic principle of kitchen planning is to design a "process triangle", which refers to the kitchen space composed of sinks, kitchen stoves, and storage areas. The purpose is to make the flow of cooking smoother: preparation, cleaning, cutting, and Cooking dishes.

In the spatial planning of the plane layout, the unit type and its area ratio must be considered first, and then the design should be based on the shortest moving line. The following is a summary of common kitchen layouts:



01."I" type kitchen


The storage, washing and cooking areas are lined up and the operation flow line is too long.


02.Double "I" type kitchen


Arrange the work area on parallel lines on both sides, increase the storage capacity and more operation planes. But the operator often needs to turn 180°


03.L-shaped kitchen


The washing, cutting and cooking areas are arranged along the corners of the two walls in sequence, the layout is more reasonable, and the reality is more common.


04.U-shaped kitchen


The washing, cutting and cooking areas are arranged along the three consecutive walls, the washing pool is vertical, and the cutting and cooking areas are arranged relatively short and the operation efficiency is high.


05. Island kitchen


The open kitchen makes clever use of space and closely connects the practical and beautiful dining table with the kitchen to form an open cooking and dining space. The decoration style will be more unified and coordinated. Pay attention to ventilation and smoke removal.


3. Design details make cooking a pleasure


In short, if a kitchen wants people who cook to love to cook, then the details must make people feel comfortable everywhere, things are readily available, convenient for cleaning, and finally take into account the design style and aesthetics.


01. Grasp the details of the spatial scale


A good kitchen is a good kitchen. Fully consider whether the space scales such as the countertop scale, cabinet height and appliance size are in line with ergonomics and spatial orientation.



● Table size

wall cabinet above 1.6 meters above the ground. If it is less than 1.5 meters, it will not only affect the kitchen operation space, but also the kitchen will appear cramped and depressed.

The design of the wall cabinet must meet two conditions:

Easy to take, can't meet

|Hanging cabinet sign




● Human Spatial Scale


The main dimensions of the kitchen work: the operating table is generally 0.6m wide, and the minimum aisle width is 0.9m.



|Aisle width indication



● Common appliance size

Design and home appliances, from electrical power and hard-mounted wires, home appliance size and layout, they are all related to each other, which requires full consideration of refrigerators, range hoods, embedded gas stoves, disinfection cabinets, integrated stoves, microwave ovens and other kitchen appliances size , Plan the occupied area in advance.

|The refrigerator just fits into the preset area



02. Appropriate use of space materials and design of pipe sockets

Mainly fully consider the functional materials such as non-slip, easy to clean, and fireproof in the kitchen.


●Ceiling material usage

The waterproof latex paint is beautiful, and the aluminum gusset is easy to repair


● Ground material

Easy to clean tiles and marble



●Wall material

Stainless steel, stone, ceramic tile, easy clean board composite material


● Console material

One-piece artificial stone, one-piece stainless steel, reduce the gap and easy to clean



Natural gas inspection and maintenance, the height of the edge of the work surface, the design of the sink, the reasonable design of the kitchen floor drain and the reserved positions of the sockets of various household appliances.

In particular, it needs to be pointed out that the functional requirements of modern kitchen sockets are becoming more and more diversified. New requirements need to be fully considered, and these designs should be retained, such as household water purifier power supply, garbage disposal, etc. Shredder power supply, video player power supply, etc.


|Reserved sockets for home appliances